Mandatory Training – Frequently Asked Questions


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Here are the Frequently Asked Questions we receive regarding Mandatory Training and the systems we use for them.


ESR Questions:


I believe I have completed some e-learning on ESR but it’s showing as incomplete / it’s not updated

Look at the trouble shooting sections of the guides, towards the bottom of the page on the intranet here: Mandatory and Priority Training - Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust ( for help with this. The most common reason is that the course has not been closed correctly.



I have completed my training on ESR but my training interface is still red / blue 

If you have received a confirmation email from ESR that you have fully completed the training, this can take five days to update on the interface. Please check again once this time has passed. 



I did my training on ESR and its showing complete, and my interface is green for that topic. I keep getting emails telling me it’s due.

ESR cannot read future dates. So, if you have completed the training and it’s green on the interface you can ignore these emails. As soon as the date your training was due on falls, the emails will stop.



I have received a report showing my teams training status, but some people are missing or don’t belong to my team 

Report data is fed from ESR and we are unable to change this. Please check your local ESR records and contact your workforce team if needed.  



Training Interface:


What training do I need to do?

You can check your training requirements by logging onto the training interface at under ‘My training’. Details of what you need to do and where you can find it are listed there.



I have requested a password reset for the training interface, but I cannot see it / I have a password reset link but it's say’s invalid token

Many emails from the training interface end up in Spam / Junk folders. If it is in there, you need to drag it to your main inbox to be able to use the reset link. The links are only valid for two hours, so if it has expired you need to request a new one. 



On the interface, it’s showing my training needs twice

This will be because you have two roles in the Trust – for example a Bank role as well as your main job. You only need to do the training once and both records will update in a few days.



Some of my assigned training is not relevant to my role 

Please contact the training lead for the topic to discuss as we are unable to authorise adding or removing a training requirement. Their details can be found on the training interface, listed under the relevant topic.





Please take a look at the Supporting Materials section at: Appraisal - Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust ( for answers to the most commonly asked questions; For help with using the Training Interface to complete an appraisal, you can watch this video: Appraisal System Training Video 2023 (



If, once you have looked at the resources available, you cannot find the answer, please send your email to with "FAQ did not help" in the subject line.



Mandatory Training – Frequently Asked Questions