Appraisal system closing for maintenance


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Dear Colleagues,

Thank you

Despite significant ongoing challenges and service pressures across the Trust, we have collectively achieved 91% of AfC appraisals completed in the 2021 season. I would like to say thank you for your commitment to this process which has a significant positive impact on a range of issues including patient experience, personal development, staff retention in employment, staff absence and staff engagement.

Closing the appraisal system

The appraisal system within the Training Interface will be locked on 31 Aug 2021. This is to enable further development for the next season in 2022. This means that staff will no longer be able to complete and record an appraisal using the system. Any appraisals which have been started but not yet completed and signed should be finished and signed by 30 Aug latest, this is a hard deadline that cannot be moved.

If there are appraisals still to be completed

Locking of the appraisal system does not mean that appraisals cannot be completed and recorded. As the Best Practice Guide states, appraisals not completed during the season due to absence should be completed on the paper (PDF) version and reported to We will continue to support completion of appraisals via this method.

Until next year...!

Leigh Harrison
Senior Organisational Learning Consultant responsible for appraisal

Appraisal system closing for maintenance

Closing for maintenance from 31st Aug