Appraisal Season - An Update and Support


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Dear colleagues,

We are aware that, given current service pressures, creating time to undertake appraisal conversations with all staff is a challenge. The Trust is keen to ensure that all the support possible is provided to enable you and your teams to have meaningful, valuable and helpful conversations about how we move forward as an organisation as part of reset and recovery during this appraisal season. While the appraisal conversation structure provided on the Training Interface is recommended, an appraisal conversation should include as a minimum:

  • Agreeing key priorities pertinent to each individual’s role.
  • The wellbeing of the individual.
  • Personal development needs and ambitions.

The Organisational Learning team is on hand to provide any advice or guidance required to undertake these reflective conversations and record their completion on the Training Interface. If you are having difficulty accessing the system or completing the online record, then please contact the team and we will discuss a number of options to ensure that the appraisal is recorded. If these conversations are held and a written record is kept locally for future referral then this will be accepted as an appraisal conversation. This can be reported to Organisational Learning by emailing

Additional points to support appraisal completion and compliance:

  • AfC staff joining the Trust since 1st Jan 2021 do not need an appraisal in the 2021 season. When a new colleague who is on AfC terms and conditions joins the Trust for the first time, the completion of the local induction also provides the appraisal competency for that calendar year. This diagram explains when a local induction can be completed in place of a full appraisal. This 1 page guide shows you how to complete and record a Local Induction.
  • All staff in the Trust are allocated a minimum of Level 1 Safeguarding and a version (clinical or non-clinical) of the Infection Prevention mandatory training. Staff members are often concerned that they have been allocated this training in error however these are mandatory topics for all staff.
  • Out of date mandatory training should wherever possible be updated prior to appraisal. If this is not possible, at manager’s discretion, expired mandatory training topics can be mitigated for (see the Appraisal Best Practice Guide).

Where to seek support:

Please cascade the above messages and contact details to your teams.

Kind regards,

The Organisational Learning Team.

Appraisal Season - An Update and Support

An important update on appraisal season 2021