Appraisal Best Practice Guide and FAQ 2022


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The Appraisal Best Practice Guide has been updated to reflect the changes to the 2022 AfC appraisal.

Also, we have compiled comprehensive answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). The Appraisal Best Practice Guide and FAQ Guide are available on:

The guide helps readers to understand and adapt to a simpler approach to hold an appraisals conversation.

Other important changes to this year’s appraisals include the rearticulating of appraisals classification from ‘successful and unsuccessful’ to ‘complete and not-complete’.   

If you are unsure about the appraisal process, either as a manager conducting them or, as a staff member being appraised then please check out the guide.

Additional support is also available in the form of learning bursts:

Effective Appraisal TrainingClick here to log in to ESR and go straight to the course offering

Alternatively, you can view our online training and guidance video:

Appraisal System Training Video: Click here to watch

If you still have additional support needs about Appraisals 2022, then please contact the Employee Journey Team on:

Appraisal Best Practice Guide and FAQ 2022

Check out the updated Appraisal Best Practice Guide and FAQ (Picture of the front page of the 2022 Appraisal Best Practice Guide)