Appraisal Season 2022


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Appraisal Season 2022 is here!

This week marks the start of Appraisal Season! Every year between 1 April and the end of June we encourage everyone to book in their appraisals and start planning for their personal and professional development over the next year.

This year’s Appraisals Season 2022 is underpinned with a clear focus on recognising achievements and learning from the challenges of the previous year. This year we have made it even easier to have an appraisals conversation. We have removed the appraisals classification of ‘successful’ and ‘unsuccessful’ so that appraisals are focussed on a quality conversation that is about;

  • Recognising achievements
  • Reflecting on development needs
  • Agreeing priorities for the next 12 month
  • Discussion on health and wellbeing

We want to ensure that everyone has access to a quality appraisal. A good appraisal experience is characterised by engagement in the process by the appraiser and appraisee. To support you to do this, the Organisational Learning team has a whole host of support available for you to access, consisting of;

If you still need support on Appraisals 2022 then please contact the Employee Journey Team within Organisational Learning on:

Appraisal Season 2022

Play your part in a high-quality appraisal (picture shows two characters having a conversation sitting at a table with drinks)