There's still time to complete your appraisal


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The appraisal system remains open to allow you to complete your appraisal. Over 13,000 appraisal have been completed this season but this means there are lots of colleagues who've still not had the opportunity for their 'reset and refocus' conversation. The most common reason for an appraisal being recorded as 'unsuccessful' has been because mandatory training is out of date at the time of signing the appraisal. Please bring your mandatory training in date to avoid this undesirable outcome!

If you need support in completing an appraisal or if the system advises that you are signing an appraisal as unsuccessful and you don't think that's right, please contact the Organisational Learning Employee Journey team on or call x67253.

It's worth taking the time to get appraisals right this year - from next year, an unsuccessful appraisal could impact your pay progression!

There's still time to complete your appraisal

There's still time to complete your appraisals