Appraisal Best Practice Guide 2021


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The Appraisal Best Practice Guide has been updated to reflect the changes to the 2021 AfC appraisal. The guide is available on:

The guide helps readers to understand and adapt to the move away from SMART objectives in appraisals and towards the articulation of work-based Priorities. Also introduced are the new assessment grades for last year's objectives. The change to the assessment grades has been made alongside a number of other alterations to the system to reduce unintended errors in the recording of appraisal outcomes.

If you are unsure about the appraisal process, either as a manager conducting them or, as a staff member subject to it then please check out the guide.

Additional support is also available in the form of learning bursts:


Appraisal Best Practice Guide 2021

Appraisal Best Practice Guide for 2021 is now available!