Appraisal Season 2021


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Appraisal season this year will be taking place over the usual period from 1st April to 30th June 2021. Following our shared experience of a turbulent year, it has never been more important to focus on our people by ensuring we all feel included and valued in our roles. A high quality experience of appraisal plays a significant role in shaping behaviours, attitudes and commitments to our shared goals to provide the best patient care possible no matter the employment role.

Changes for 2021

Developments to the appraisal system this year will focus on providing guidance to all in driving high quality conversations in pursuit of a positive future focus, improved wellbeing and feeling valued. Small changes are also being developed to help appraisers avoid mistakes which can result in appraisals being recorded as unsuccessful when this is not the intended outcome. Remember, an appraisal should only ever be marked as unsuccessful if the individual is already subject to the supporting performance process and has had opportunity to improve but has not done so.

From July this year, the pay step review process will be reinstated and the outcome of an appraisal will have an impact on future pay increases within the band. As such, clearer signposts will be provided to appraisers and appraisees if the appraisal is going to be recorded as unsuccessful. Appraisees should not be afraid to question the outcome of an appraisal review.

Support is available

As always, Organisational Learning are here to support you and training is available on having quality appraisal conversations and using the Training Interface to complete appraisals, see the linked articles for dates and booking information.

Our strong recommendations for appraisal season are:

  • Prepare for your own appraisal and make a significant contribution to it - you will get more from it if you own it!
  • Plan ahead for appraisals within a team and book them in towardss the beginning of the season - don't wait to be chased for completion in June.
  • Pay close attention to your personal development journey if this is important to you - there is a new Trust Prospectus for you browse which was developed by thematic analysis of PDP records from the 2020 appraisal season. Cutting edge stuff indeed!
  • If you can, avoid using the PDF version of the appraisal and use the Training Interface system instead. If you do have to use the PDF version - please wait for the 2021 edition.
  • Access the appraisal training offers on quality and system use.

Appraisal Season 2021

Play your part in a high quality appraisal