Appraisal Training - 'Having a Quality Conversation' - Webinars in 2021


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Having a quality conversation is the foundation of a good appraisal experience. The appraisal training webinars will help you to understand the importance of appraisal in engaging staff and engendering high performance as well as encouraging you to own your appraisal to help push your career forwards (if that's what you want!) Either way, appraisal is something to be embraced by all.

The Appraisal Training Webinars are now planned for 2021 and available to book via ESR by using the ‘My Learning’ section and searching for ‘298 Appraisal Learning Burst’ or go directly to the classes using this link:


Appraisal training for 2021 builds on the feedback received from attendees last year and comes highly recommended for all staff. Whether you are new to the Trust or a long-time colleague, a manager or simply interested in making the most of your own appraisal, this is the appraisal training you want and need.

The following dates and times are available (all 90 minutes):

  • 9th Apr 10.30
  • 28th Apr 13.00
  • 11th May 15.00
  • 26th May 13.00
  • 16th Jun 13.00

We look forward to seeing you!

Please note: This training is relevant to staff on Agenda for Change terms of employment or who are conducting appraisals for staff on those terms. It touches on, but does not focus on, use of the appraisal system. Separate webinar training will be provided for appraisal system use. Please look out for this upcoming opportunity which is being created in response to staff feedback.

Appraisal Training - 'Having a Quality Conversation' - Webinars in 2021

Embrace your appraisal training opportunity!