Appraisal Season is Closed and Appraisals are Locked


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Appraisal season has closed, this means that all appraisal records in the Training Interface have been locked. If you still require an appraisal due to being absent during the appraisal season then you and you manager should complete a paper copy and retain this locally in your file for review in 2021. Completed paper appraisals must be reported to Organisational Learning at so that the ESR record can be updated.

The Appraisal 2020 version of the paperwork should be downloaded from the Organisational Learning Intranet Site. Please don't use old versions of the appraisal paperwork as the process changed significantly this year to improve the quality of appraisal conversations.

Within the appraisal season in 2020, the Trust achieved appraisals for 88% of staff. We should recognise and celebrate this positive achievement given the difficult circumstances under which we have all been working this year.

Roll on 2021!

Best wishes, from the Organisational Learning Employee Journey Team.

Appraisal Season is Closed and Appraisals are Locked

Appraisal Season is closed, those still needing an appraisal should complete the paper copy