Changes to Corporate Induction


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From 4th January, all new starters to the Trust will join a live online welcome and induction on Mondays.

The global pandemic has forced us to adapt our working in many ways. Over the last few months we have adapted the Corporate Induction process to enable remote completion. Since then, we have reviewed the process and identified some ways we can do things better so that we can make sure every new starter gets a personal and warm welcome. As such we’re going to be making some changes to the way we do corporate induction from January.

To make sure we are recognising the importance of our staff and their arrival at the Trust, we will be re-introducing the Monday Corporate Induction day. This will be a live-broadcast online welcome, beginning with a personal hello and welcome from Julian. We are, of course, proud of doing things The Leeds Way and the right way, and this is just one step forward to reclaiming some of ground that we have lost as a result of the disruption of the pandemic. For more information about the changes to Corporate Induction, please contact Organisational Learning at

Changes to Corporate Induction

Corporate Induction will take place on a MS Teams meeting for all new starters from 4th January