Appraisal Behaviour Changes


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The 2020 appraisals will include a brand new Leeds Way Behaviours section, the focus of which is to encourage reflection and continuous improvement in the Trust’s respectful behaviours. This involves the appraisee identifying their top two behaviours which they perform well on and two behaviours where improvement can be made.

The Appraising Manager can assist the appraisee by discussing their behavioural traits and providing suggestions. Behavioural reflection should have a positive outcome in all cases. Once the Appraisee has selected their four behaviours they should write a short statement outlining how they will develop their two behaviours identified for improvement.

The new appraisal behaviours tab is designed to make the above process quick and easy to carry out. For a demonstration of how this works please watch the video accompanying this article.

Appraisal Behaviour Changes

This Help Video gives a detailed demonstration of the changes to the 2020 appraisal Leeds Way Behaviours section. We recommend you click the full screen icon in the embedded video player to watch this video in full screen mode.

Please note this is a high quality video so if does not appear sharp, when you watch it, this will be due to the poor bandwidth available on the Internet connection you are currently using.