New Appraisal System


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Following the successful launch, last year, of the new version of the Training Interface a brand new version of the Appraisal System goes live on 1st March.

2020 appraisals will be visible and locked from 1st March and unlocked on 1st April. Staff will have a month to become familiar with the new setup by viewing the help videos located throughout the system.

The aim has been to improve the reliability, security and usability of the appraisal system. Further changes have been made to the appraisal content to bring about closer alignment with the Leeds Improvement Method.

Aside from improvements to existing functionality there are many new features, which include:-

  • A new, modern and responsive user interface.
  • A brand new facility for Appraisees to approve the allocation of their managers
  • The facility for managers to view the training status of appraisees’ allocated competencies
  • The facility for both managers and appraisees to add comments to each section
  • A brand new Leeds Way behaviours section
  • A new Declarations of Interest section that integrates with the Trust's declarations website
  • An improved training section that displays the appraisees mandatory competencies and allows managers to insert mitigating factors for any non-compliant competencies.
  • Help videos for each section

For an unnarrated demonstration of completing an appraisal using the new appraisal system please watch the video accompanying this article.  

New Appraisal System

This video demonstrates completing an appraisal using the new system. We recommend you click the full screen icon in the embedded video player to watch this video in full screen mode.

Please note this is a high quality video so if does not appear sharp, when you watch it, this will be due to the poor bandwidth available on the Internet connection you are currently using.