Appraisal Manager Changes


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Managers with appraisal responsibility are advised to make use of the month leading up to the 2020 Appraisal Season, which starts on 1st April, to check that their list of assigned appraisees is fully up to date. Access to the new Appraisal and Local Induction Review System will be available to all staff logging in to the Training Interface as from Sunday, 1st March.

Changes made to the appraisal system for 2020 now mean that when managers add an appraisee to their list, the manager will not have access to the new appraisee's records until the appraisee has verified the manager appointment. This change has been implemented to ensure that appraisal relationships are securely established. The decision was taken to maintain any existing appraisal relationships, set up under the previous system, to save time.

An email notice is sent to the appraisee when they are added by a manager. This notice requires the appraisee to log into the Training Interface and access their new Managers webpage where they will see the manager request listed. The appraisee will have the option to approve or refuse the manager appointment. Once the appraisee approves or refuses the manager appointment an email notice will be sent to the manager notifying them of the appraisee's decision:

  • If the appraisee approves the manager request, the manager will be immediately granted access to their appraisals.
  • If the appraisee declines the request by the manager and the situation cannot be resolved between the manager and the appraisee, then a Support Ticket should be raised, ensuring the category 'Appraisal Manager Appointment' is selected. Organisational Learning will then resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

If an appraisal relationship is incorrectly established with a manager (for example, a manager from a previous role), a staff member can remove this relationship from the system, triggering an email notification to that manager. The correct relationship can then be established with an appropriate manager by requesting that they be added to the correct manager’s list.

Do this next!
To avoid delays in carrying out this year's appraisals, managers should use the time during March to update their appraisee lists and ask their new appraisees to approve their appointment. Appraisals will be unlocked on 1st April ready for completion.

Further guidance
For a demonstration of how the system facilitates manager and appraisee relationships, please watch the video accompanying this article. 

Appraisal Manager Changes

This Help Video gives a detailed demonstration of the new appraisal manager appointment process. We recommend you click the full screen icon in the embedded video player to watch this video in full screen mode.

Please note this is a high quality video so if does not appear sharp, when you watch it, this will be due to the poor bandwidth available on the Internet connection you are currently using.