Appraisal season has closed


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Appraisal season 2019 has ended and the Trust has had its most successful year ever for appraisal participation. 98% of eligible staff have been appraised, representing 14477 staff across the Trust.

93% of appraisals were completed on the Training Interface and, of those, 12% (1631 staff) completed the post-appraisal feedback questionnaire. The feedback indicates that 94% (1533 staff) felt they had a quality appraisal, which is a great result and further testament to the efforts displayed by all concerned to do the best for ourselves and our team members by living the Leeds Way values. It is also encouraging to see that 87% (1425 staff) have agreed, through their appraisal Personal Development Plan, to access additional professional development opportunities, indicating that there is a strong desire to improve ourselves and provide greater benefit to the communities we serve.

If you haven’t added something to your development plan, it’s never too late to discuss the opportunities with your manager. There are lots of courses that can be booked on ESR or the Training Calendar which are detailed in the Trust Prospectus and advertised on InTouch and TalkBack.

Organisational Learning would like to thank everyone who participated in the appraisal process for contributing to this achievement.


Organisational Learning

Appraisal season has closed

The most successful appraisal season ever!