Appraisal Season is closing on 30th June


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There are 2 weeks remaining before the end of appraisal season which closes on 30th June. All staff in an Agenda for Change role should have completed and signed off their appraisal by this date. Everyone should have had the opportunity to take part in a quality appraisal to assess performance for the last 12 months and to set objectives for the coming year.

It is important that all appraisals are recorded so that the compliance for the Trust can be accurately reported. Appraisals completed on the Training Interface are recorded automatically. However, any appraisals completed on paper should be reported to

Placing value upon ourselves through the appraisal process means that we can all focus on doing our very best work over the next year. So, if you've not had your appraisal yet, please discuss this with your manager as a matter of urgency.

Best wishes for a successful year,

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Appraisal Season is closing on 30th June

Appraisal season closes on 30th June, make sure your appraisal is completed by this date.