Completing and recording eLearning


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As we approach appraisal season the importance of completing mandatory and priority training is recognised. We encourage everyone to complete their training through the Training Interface which can be accessed at this link:

Where topics can be completed through eLearning, in order to ensure your training is correctly recorded, please follow these steps:

  1. Continue all the way to the end of the eLearning package. 
  2. When the eLearning is complete, you must exit the package correctly for the training to be recorded. Do this by switching to the browser tab at the top of the Internet Explorer window that contains the orange exit button as depicted below:
  3. Click the orange ‘Exit’ button.

We have recently upgraded our Training Interface and If you have experienced any problems during the transition with training not being recorded correctly, please contact the Organisational Learning team on 67253 or by email at:




 Thank you,

 Organisational Learning

Completing and recording eLearning