2019 Appraisal Season


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The 2019 Appraisal season launches on the 1st April, in which all Agenda for Change staff are to meet with their manager to review their objectives, set new ones, and agree personal development plans. The Trust is this year looking to improve upon the 2018 season, in which 97% of staff received an appraisal across the 3 month period.

This year sees a big focus on ensuring that all staff receive quality appraisals, and that two-way discussions are had to make sure that our people are actively involved in their own development. Training is available through the Training Calendar for managers who wish to have a greater understanding of appraisals and how they impact on individual staff members and the Trust as a whole.

A series of videos will soon be available via the intranet for both staff and managers covering what to expect from your appraisal, how to set objectives, and conduct the session.

2019 Appraisal Season

In 2018 97% of staff received an appraisal across the 3 month period